Galerija Ch0: Dorota Papoušek: “Srce”

Češka umetnica bo na rezidenci v Ljubljani raziskovala kako zgradba pokaže svoje srce (how does a building show it’s heart).

Vstop prost.

Dorota Papoušek (*1990, Žilina, Slovakia) is a queer witch who likes to write poetry, paint, embroider and take pictures. She lives in a small cottage in the woods, near a bog in Czech Wallachia, with her human as well as non-human friends. Her work is centered primarily around space: paintings of imagined landscapes and countries of emotion, photographs of ephemeral environmental details, all that and more, explored with a needle and a thread. The mixed media object “SRCE” is the result of a two-week long residency in Ljubljana. Aiming at the heart of the matter, it combines site-specific creativity with referential material poetry. The installation should reflect on the process of claiming individual and collective autonomy in public space and the mechanisms of control which emerge in it. It is personal and political.

IG: @pena_noci
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