KUD Channel Zero

KUD Channel Zero
Metelkova 4,
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Slovenia, Europe
email: info@ch0.org
website: www.ch0.org

Davčna številka: 67626181
Matična številka: 1205587000
Davčni zavezanec: Ne
TRR: IBAN SI56 0201 0009 2026 097 (NLB d.d.)
Zastopnik: Sanel Buljubašić

Situated in the autonomous area of Metelkova, Channel Zero is one of the main venues of this unique and diverse cultural hub. Its iconic psychedelic hallway and dim ambiance are perfectly suited for darker vibes of electro, dub, post-rock and stoner in which the venue is historically rooted, yet not exclusively limited to. KUD Channel Zero, the nonprofit association running the venue since 1993 organises approximately 100 events per year, mostly concerts and club nights, but also various theatre, poetry and multimedia projects. Once in every few months a record fair is held inside the venue and renowned festivals such as Druga godba and MENT Ljubljana have also found their home here. The Channel Zero gallery, which boasts the title of the smallest gallery in Slovenia (measuring 45cm x 25cm x 19cm) is also located inside the venue.