sobota, 3.10. ob 21.00 – NATE HALL (U.S. Christmas)

Nate Hall, član ameriških psihadelikov U.S. Christmas, na solo turneji predstavlja svoje glasbene stvaritve, ki jih izdaja na založbi Scott Kelly-a iz benda Neurosis. I Bandcamp
Pridi in odpusti svojo dušo na izventelesni potep!
Kaj je o njem dejal Scott: The river doesn’t ever stop. It is a continuous bringer of whatever it touches, and whomever is chosen to step within its waters. The first time I heard Nate Hall’s voice I knew that I was hearing something that would haunt me forever.
The unmistakable sound of mountains’ wind and the desperation and anguish of truth and experience. Authenticity isn’t something you can acquire. Either you are or you are not.
Nate’s work shows a depth of heart and a pure channeling that you wont come across 10 times in your life.
This is the work of the soul that we all know. And the soul that knew us first.
You aren’t born into this and you don’t die out of it. This is eternity, and it brings us all to the center of the river that wants us to be here at this moment.
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